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I am a Marketing and Design Thinking Expert with 7+ Years of Professional Experience.

I started OB Management Consulting in 2018 while being a student as i aimed to sharpen my skills and help companies solve their problems.

Which has been succesfully done, wether its designing a marketing strategy for a start-up aiming to conquer the silver economy in Paris or crafting an e-commerce sales marketing product such as Game of Prices with the goal of gamifying sales processes.

I also consulted for german startups such as 5Pazar, Qeep and e-çift.

Alongside my network of consulting partners we work for African and French clients to make their business more successful and make their lives easier by bringing in a fresh perspective to their models through Design Thinking applied to Marketing and Strategy with one goal in mind :


So, let's create together




I'm Oussama

Brand & Activation

Brands can be levers of growth, and drivers of business transformation impacting an entire organization. Achieving these results requires a modern approach that is purpose-driven, experience-based and powered by digital.

Marketing & Sales

To grow today, businesses need to reinvent marketing and sales to embrace customer-data strategies and impactful omnichannel approaches. They need to undergo a digital transformation of marketing and sales. OB Management Consulting implements transformation strategies at the brand, product or solution level.

Culture & Organization

We help clients create inside-out growth strategies for the digital age, forging organizational structures that continuously innovate new products, services and experiences, and advance cultures that magnetize and excite top talent. Now is a critical time to develop a new approach.

Experience & Innovation

Our experience work always starts with a human perspective, focusing not just on users but also business operators responsible for maintaining and improving the experience. 

This obsession with people means our experience recommendations are grounded by human reality. What people do today and are likely to desire tomorrow.

All under one human-centric




They trust

our approach


They trust us

“We know Oussama Berrahal from working together on various projects in the field of corporate and marketing strategy both in Germany and in Morocco. We appreciate his broad expertise, his innovative ideas and his always high level of commitment. In addition, his international orientation and his ability to work flexibly and quickly in multinational teams are convincing."

DR.Bjoern Stuewe / Chief Executive Officer / Stueweconsulting.GmbH

“Oussama will help you stretch your thinking process in order to create a better future. Defining clear goals is mandatory before one can ever start to build a plan. That is a key limiting where Oussama can help you envision and define."

Marc Chapman / Chief Executive Officer / The Managing

“Worked with Oussama on digital projects. He was always a great mind in creating new ideas out of box and turning them into reality. Thanks for being a partner."

Tamer Kulmac / Managing Partner / K2Interaktive.GmbH

"Je collabore avec Oussama et OB Management depuis maintenant deux ans. Entrepreneur innovant, et consultant performant, Oussama fait preuve d'une expertise impressionnante pour son jeune age. OB Management Consulting place en priorité la satisfaction de ses clients, en accordant une importance capitale à clairement définir leurs besoins."

Khalid Bouksib / Chief Executive Officer / KB & Partners

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